GST Boehringer Ingelheim
    11 maart 2020

    CrossRoads2 project Artivena

    Stem cells for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis in horses

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    In a previous CrossRoads2 project, GST developed a stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis in horses. Together with the Dutch veterinary practice Dr. Suls, GST evaluated the safety of repeated administration of stem cells that have been primed to form cartilage tissue. The success of this project helped to obtain the first approved stem cell therapy for horses with joint osteoarthritis. In this second CrossRoads2 project, the European financial support will allow both companies to further develop the stem cell therapy for the treatment of non-infectious inflammation of the knee joint in horses.

     About 10% of the estimated 300,000 Belgian horses are regularly treated for knee osteoarthrosis. The knee is a well-blooded joint and therefore offers opportunities for intravenous therapies. In addition, repeated therapy, with appropriate dosages, will provide effective long-term results.

     In order to define the most relevant treatment modality for this specific pathology in horses, GST will collaborate again with the Dutch veterinary practice Dr. Suls from Weert. A match of scientific know-how and clinical expertise in veterinary medicine. Both partners will jointly examine the clinical effect and safety of repeated and intravenous injections on a larger population of horses.

     With their joint research, GST and Praktijk Dr. Suls lay a foundation to develop similar applications in humans. After all, stem cells could also help to stop osteoarthritis in humans.